Rio+20: It’s time to change perceptions on Rio’s favelas

Since 2004, in partnership with established community organizations, Catalytic Communities has been offering Educational Community Visits to journalists, activists, development researchers, government officials, city planners and architects wanting a deeper and more engaging experience of Rio de Janeiro and its favelas.

If you or colleagues plan to be in Rio for the Rio+20 UN Conference on the Environment, please read on and share this far and wide.
We will be offering a range of carefully selected and organized visits during the Rio+20 UN Conference daily from June 13-29.




If you’re in Rio, don’t miss this opportunity to get a detailed and nuanced understanding of Rio’s changing dynamics, the unique nature of the favelas, and why this is relevant globally.

Visits are organized by CatComm in partnership with community leaders featured on RioOnWatch and who help influence our voice in the international press.

Community Tours Available For: (please click to read a recent article we’ve published for each)

Alemão (North Zone)

Asa Branca (West Zone)

Babilônia (South Zone)

Cantagalo (South Zone)

Cordovil (North Zone)

Fogueteiro (Central Zone)

Muzema (West Zone)

Parada de Lucas (North)

Penha (North Zone)

Providência (Central Zone)

Rocinha (South Zone)

Santa Margarida (West Zone)

Santa Marta (South Zone)

Vale Encantado (West Zone)

Vidigal (South Zone)

Vila Autódromo (West Zone)

Visits require at least 8 participants and are limited to 20. Each is led by a community leader and two CatComm volunteers who will take the group and provide translation and contextual information. We have led hundreds of these visits to dozens of communities over 8 years, always with the intention of shifting perceptions, triggering long-term partnerships and stimulating community development.

Please join us this month during Rio+20!

Read our previous release on misguided favela perceptions.


Source: Catalytic Communities, by e-mail

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